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Carinal tumors

Large exophytic tumors affecting the carina remain an excellent indication for endoscopic resection. Satisfactory restoration of the airway lumen is generally possible. Resection must be performed rapidly and begin with the least affected side in order to secure adequate ventilation of the patient.

Frequently, laser resection alone is insufficient. In such cases, following a thorough resection combining photocoagulation, vaporization and mechanical debridement, a Y stent is often placed.

The length of the tracheal and bronchial limbs of the stent are adaptable to the surface of the obstructing lesions.

The largest diameter possible should be sought. We usually aim for a 16 mm tracheal diameter, and 13 mm for the main stem bronchi.

Sometimes, placing a Y stent is impossible for technical reasons, e.g., the take-off angle of the two main stem bronchi is too steep or the bronchial involvement too extensive for the Y stent bronchial limbs to achieve satisfactory results.

In these extreme cases, the endoscopist may be obligated to deploy 3 stents. In the case shown here of a large tracheo-esophageal fistula, the metallic esophageal stent had to be removed. Multiple airway stents were necessary in order to achieve optimal results.

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