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Hamartomas are ideal indications for endoscopic resection. They are always benign and rarely bleed. Hamartomas are ideal tumors for the inexperienced bronchoscopist.

In this case, a hamartoma completely obstructs the left main stem bronchus. Complete resection is possible.

This patient presented with a tracheal hamartoma. It originates in the right lateral aspect of the distal third of the trachea. Fortunately, no important landmarks are present in the vicinity of the tumor which might otherwise complicate resection.


Resection is simple combining laser photocoagulation and mechanical debridement with the beveled tip of the bronchoscope.


In this case, a hamartoma is obstructing the main stem bronchus.

The film reveals that this tumor in fact originates from the lower lobe. The tumor has no hemorrhagic potential.

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