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Bronchial stenosis

The treatment of bronchial stenosis is similar to that previously discussed for tracheal stenosis.

At our institution, we treat a great deal of bronchial stenosis secondary to post-transplant airway complications.

Stenosis at the left main stem suture is the most common indication. We generally dilate the stenosis first with the rigid bronchoscope and then place a silicone stent.

Other causes of bronchial stenosis besides malignant disease that we have encountered at our institution include tuberculosis and congenital stenosis.

Endoscopic treatment of tuberculous stenosis is particularly complicated, due to the aggressive inflammatory nature of these lesions.
Such stenoses tend to recur rapidly. Congenital stenoses in the infant can be treated easily and often resolve with dilatation.

Frequently, the bronchial diameter becomes stabilized as the child grows. Occasionally however, temporary stenting is necessary.

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