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Nursing and technical staff

The nursing and technical staff in the endoscopy unit share a number of responsibilities, before, during and after the procedure.
They must all have an adequate understanding of the physiology and respiratory pathology involved, the effect of the medication used on the patient’s cardiorespiratory status, and the surgical technique.
They must be able to explain the procedure to the patient in layman’s terms, and provide reassurance before and after the procedure.
The nursing staff in particular must make sure that all the necessary equipment required for the procedure be available when needed.
Two nurses are required inside the operating room during treatment. One assists the endoscopist, providing suction, manipulating laser settings, medication, and instrumentation. The second nurse should be in charge of cleaning the telescopes and assisting the anesthesiologist.
The technical personnel should be familiar with resection techniques and be aware of and participate in emergency protocols.

Technicians are also responsible for sterilization of the equipment and renewal of all perishables. They are an integral part of the team and make proper functioning of the service possible.

Two nurses should also be available in the recovery room in order to guarantee adequate post-operative care of the endoscopy patient. They should be familiar with procedure related complications and their warning signs, and be able to decide when a patient is ready for discharge from the recovery room (for more details see the section on general anesthesia).

Technical support staff is also essential in the maintenance of the lasers, endoscopy, and anesthesia equipment.

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